ADPD Press: Three Candidates for the European Parliament

February 2023

The executive committee of ADPD – The Green Party has approved three candidates, Dr Ralph Cassar, Sandra Gauci, and Mina Jack Tolu, for the European Parliament elections which will beheld in 2024.

Carmel Cacopardo, chairperson said “we are honoured to present 3 excellent candidates for next year’s European Parliament elections, each of them known for their engagement and representation of green politics on the local, national and European levels. They reflect a future of Europe that focuses on the needs of people and the environment, that is clean, transparent and does not bend to the wills of corporate greed. 

“At a time when we observe centre-right parties intensifying their links with the far right across Europe, it is important more than ever to have three strong candidates who stand for diversity, equality, and an awareness of the intricate link between man and the environment. I thank Ralph, Sandra, and Mina Jack for their commitment. We do not exclude approving more candidates in the future,” concluded Cacopardo.

The candidates

Dr Ralph Cassar is currently the Secretary General of ADPD. He has been active with the Greens in Malta since 1992, serving for four terms as a Green local councillor in Ħ’Attard. In that role he worked on the recyclables collection scheme, educational, cultural and sports activities, tree planting, the defence of open spaces and a new public library. Ralph has worked in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in various roles related to process validation, quality and product development. He has also taught chemistry in secondary schools and worked briefly in regulatory affairs on medical products with a public agency. He holds a Bacelor of Science in chemistry with computer studies, a Masters in Management (MBA) from the University of Malta, an Masters in Science from the Open University (UK), and a Doctorate in Education from the University of Glasgow. Ralph Cassar is a lecturer at the Institute of Applied Sciences at the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology. His interests include green energy and mobility policy development, wellbeing and the transition to an ecosocial economy.

Sandra Gauci is currently Deputy Chairperson of ADPD. She has been active in Green politics for three years and is known for being a voice of the people through her weekly videos “ABS news”. Sandra holds a Bachelor of Education in Italian, and a Masters in Italian Literature, thanks to a scholarship by the University of Siena on teaching Italian through film. Sandra is a teacher of Italian with 21 years of experience. Her interests include rule of law, social justice, and media freedom.

Mina Jack Tolu is currently the International Secretary of ADPD, committee member of the European Green Party, and advisory member to the Federation of Young European Greens. They have been active in Green politics since 2017 and as an LGBTQI activist since 2010. Mina Jack holds a Bachelor of Communications and a Masters in Conflict Resolution and Mediterranean Security from the University of Malta, and a Masters in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University (USA). They are self-employed and work as a trainer on gender, feminism, communications and campaigns to LGBTQI and youth NGOs, and also as a sensitivity reader and character consultant on trans and non-binary inclusive storylines for Italian TV series, and international digital games. Mina Jack’s interests include human rights, mental health, foreign policy, arts, cultural, and sports policy.

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