Flâneur 21.

Flâneur 21 is a series of 3, 1-minute shorts, aimed to elicit conversation as part of an Arts Council Malta webinar series held in 2021.

Flâneur: a man who saunters around observing society.

The shorts were made over a series of weeks in various locations in Italy in April and May 2021, as I moved around the country for work. As a flâneur in Italy I observe society through my own queer lenses, and provide commentary on cultural policy, sustainability, and belonging. They were streamed on Thursday 27 May 2020 at 6pm CET by the Arts Council Malta for their webinar series, moderated by Karsten Xuereb, Squaring the Circle: Social Solidarity and the Circular Economy.

Webinar Description

If we’re told we can’t square a circle, is introducing and practising the principles of a circular economy based on solidarity and the value of cultural diversity in conservative societies a chimera?

This session may be aiming to achieve the impossible, but is ready to embrace the possibility of failure as a learning curve. Where this may lead is not fully known in advance. Dialogists Jorge Cerveira Pinto in Abu Dhabi and Oleg Koefoed in Copenhagen will engage with audiovisual walkabouts by Mina Tolu in Rome – with viewers at home around the world providing some roadmaps, signposts and a great deal of pointers in questioning directions.


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