• European Greens, Webinar. “A City for Everyone: how local policies create a real change for LGBTIQ Communities”, March 30th, 2023. With Simona Topolinjak, Chanelle Delameillieure, Kasper Kivisto, and Manuel Rosas Vazquez.
  • European Greens, Congress 2022. Queer and Gender Network meeting. December 2022, Copenhagen.
  • European Greens, Congress 2022. Parallel Session on LGBTQI Legislation and Societal Backlash. With Sarah Schlitz, Belgian Secretary of State for Gender Equality, Equal Rights and Diversity, Belgium. December 2022, Copenhagen.
  • Conference on Intersectionality and LGBTI Policies in Europe as part of the German presidencies of the Council of the European Union and Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe.
    Discussion: “Empowering the lesbian* movement – a capacity building perspective”
    November 2020
  • FYEG. Lockdown Lounge on LGBTQI Rights.
    Online, June 2020.
  • FYEG. Lockdown Lounge #3 on Reproductive Rights.
    Online, April 2020.

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