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  • Take control.

    PLPN are in the pockets of developers. The Planning Authority is basically a farce. There are cranes everywhere we look. Digging & noise pollution. Dust & air pollution. It’s out of control but we can take that back with our vote on 26/3. Green Sweeps Clean. Xkupa Ħadra Tnaddaf.

  • Malta’s Shrinking Spaces

    Malta’s Shrinking Spaces

    There are different ways to shrink spaces in society, and the Labour government seems keen to deploy all of them. This has an impact on our physical, political, and social environments. We’ve observed the shrink creep into our lives over the past few years. Since it starts slowly it can be challenging to notice the patterns which connect the many examples of environmental degradation with the unravelling of civil society. Episodes that don’t seem connected are in fact a systemised web cast to centralise control of society at multiple levels. When the main aim is achieved – the control of resources in the hands of the few – favours become easily traded, destructors become saviours, misleading information becomes rampant, and corruption becomes a norm.

  • Reaction to PN proposal

    Reaction to PN proposal

    CW: mention of fatphobic policies I have learnt to have no expectations of PN (and hold similar reservations for PL on quite a few issues) so I am obviously not surprised that yet another one of their proposals flunks my values. PN’s proposal for a yearly assessment of dietary goals as a “bid to fight […]

  • Reaction to Transphobia

    To any trans women in Malta reading the comments by Jon Mallia and others, who wish they could play sport without their gender being policed by people who know nothing about trans issues and nothing about trans lives… there are spaces that welcome you! Roughly one year ago, roller derby started in Malta (Honey Island […]

  • Sven Giegold

    Tonight we met with MEP Sven Giegold and discussed the rule of law in Malta, corruption, impunity and conflicts of interest, the environment, and current constraints on political and non-governmental organising in Malta.

  • Jokes on a bridge.

    Jokes on a bridge.

    Happy, beautiful moments to cherish from Breakfast on a Bridge – Kisra Ħobż Flimkien this morning. A 5-year-old kid wanted to tell me some jokes, but was laughing too hard to tell them to me. So I thought I would tell him one, the only one I could think of… “What happens if you cross […]

  • Stqarrija dwar laqgħat bejn AD u PD

    In English below Fuq talba ta’ Alternattiva Demokratika, matul il-gimgħat li għaddew saru diskussjonijiet bejn AD u PD biex ikun esplorat il-mod kif jista’ jkun hemm kooperazzjoni bejn iż-żewġ partiti. Saru diversi laqgħat. Kien konkluż li għalkemm mhux il-mument opportun li jkunu formalizzati r-relazzjonijiet bejn iż-żewġ partiti hi rikonoxxuta l-ħtieġa li jkunu kkoordinati l-isforzi politiċi […]

  • Climate Change: demanding concrete actions

    Bil-Malti: Mina Tolu, Alternattiva Demokratika (AD) candidate for the European Parliament and AD Chairperson Carmel Cacopardo, also a candidate for the European Parliament, addressed the press at the end of the public Climate Change protest organised by Alternattiva Demokratika Żgħażagħ – Malta Green Youth in Valletta. Mina Tolu outlined the demands of the ADŻ […]

  • Climate March: Photo Gallery

    Some photos from the Climate Change Protest which was organised by Alternattiva Demokratika Żgħażagħ on the 22nd of December 2018.

  • It-talbiet tagħna biex il-pajjiż jinsirizza l-Bidla fil-Klima – ADŻ

    this post in English: 1. Nirrikonoxxu l-impatt tal-bidla fil-klima fuq Malta. Il-kriżi tal-klima, il-qerda tal-ambjent u l-użu żejjed u l-użu ħażin tar-riżorsi naturali qed jheddu l-benesseri tagħna. Il-Gvern ta’Malta jeħtieġ li jirrikonoxxi l-impatt tal-bidla fil-klima fuq Malta billi jieħu l-passi meħtieġa għalfutur sostenibbli. Nitolbu miri u miżuri introdotti b’liġi li torbot li jittieħdu l-passi meħtieġa biex jittaffew […]