#ObservingTurkey – I recognise your grief, courge, resilience

15th May 2023, Istanbul, Turkey.

The level of grief my Turkish colleagues and comrades: progressive, green politicians, youth, the Kurdish community, and the LGBTQI community need to sustain & be resilient to is inhumane.

Do not allow attempts of isolation & dehumanisation to work. The European community is with you.

And when I leave Turkey, I leave part of my heart here. I will continue to see you, to hear you. Your anger. Your rage. Like I was seeing & hearing your hope & unity in the last week of elections.

We’re not here just for the good. We know the fight is long.

I will continue to work for our LGBTIQ Communities, for democracy, for freedom, against borders – so that you can be welcome in my home when you need to rest.

Serkeftin. We will win. Kazanacağız


At the closing rally of Yesil Sol in Istanbul on 13th May

Ħarġu r-riżultati preliminari tal-elezzjonijiet fit-Turkija. L-elezzjoni għall-President se jkomplu f’ġimgħatejn bit-tieni rawnd bejn Erdoğan u Kılıçdaroğlu biss.

Solidarjetà mal-kollegi tagħna li dejjem urew r-resiljenza tagħhom fil-ġlieda għal demokrazija, libertà, u d-drittijiet umani.

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