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  • Malta: Youth and the State of the Nation

    Malta: Youth and the State of the Nation

    We can’t discuss the state of the nation of Malta, without looking towards the future. And we can only look towards the future, if we do it together with our children and youth

  • IDAHOT 2023: Speaking at Montecitorio

    IDAHOT 2023: Speaking at Montecitorio

    I put on a crisp white shirt that got creased within minutes of walking in a Rome that isn’t sure whether the weather is hot or cold. Slightly out of comfort zone, entering the lower house of the parliament of Italy. As much for the shirt, as for the the co-panelists at a seminar organised…

  • Non Binary Language: Maltese

    Non Binary Language: Maltese

    Yesterday I spoke on a panel about Maltese language and it’s binary and non-binary modes. This would be just another event in the life of an activist, weren’t it for the fact that I barely spoke a word of Maltese the first 18 years of my life. To think that now I’m able to not…

  • #ObservingTurkey – I recognise your grief, courge, resilience

    #ObservingTurkey – I recognise your grief, courge, resilience

    First reactions to the 2023 first-round elections in Turkey by Mina Jack Tolu, committee member of the European Greens and Interntional Secretary of ADPD.

  • Malta, must become the anti-racist port of safety in the central mediterranean

    Malta, must become the anti-racist port of safety in the central mediterranean

    Under Meloni, a state of emergency becomes an anti-democratic, racist, and far-right weapon against some of the most vulnerable in society. It will subject migrants to increased arbitrary detention and the stripping of their rights. Malta needs to offer a port of safety, any other path is a legitimisation of far-right policy.

  • Children’s rights and right-wing wrongs

    Children’s rights and right-wing wrongs

    A summary of the “Gender Boss” saga. Including my review of the performance and workshop.

  • Protections for Rainbow Families

    Protections for Rainbow Families

    This morning in Brussels I have met with Beppe Sala, Mayor of Milan, together with my colleague from the EGP Committee Vula Tsetsi. Sala addressed the meeting of the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament, to talk about the increasingly worrying situation in Italy as Meloni and her Government continue to extend their arm of…

  • Abortion in Malta: The long journey

    “Abortion to be allowed when woman’s health is at serious risk” – next week amendments will be tabled in Maltese parliament to make this happen. As a friend of mine remarked, it’s a small step forward, that just shows how far behind we are. As with many fights for justice I think it is important…

  • Highlights from the 305

    Highlights from the 305 If there were 305 highlights from the 305,knowing them would require gigabytesI do not possess. It would challenge the most skilled of list-makers,or – require a bird as dedicated to their twitter thread, as to the thread that holds their home together. But it might include:🍋 a slice of key lime…

  • Has the discussion on LGBTQI Rights in Malta already plateaued?

    Has the discussion on LGBTQI Rights in Malta already plateaued?

    In this blog I analyse the current discussions on LGBTQI issues in Malta, as experienced at the IDAHOT 2022 business breakfast organised by the Parliamentary Secretary for Equality and Reforms on May 17th 2022.

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