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  • Take control.

    PLPN are in the pockets of developers. The Planning Authority is basically a farce. There are cranes everywhere we look. Digging & noise pollution. Dust & air pollution. It’s out of control but we can take that back with our vote on 26/3. Green Sweeps Clean. Xkupa Ħadra Tnaddaf.

  • Malta’s Shrinking Spaces

    Malta’s Shrinking Spaces

    There are different ways to shrink spaces in society, and the Labour government seems keen to deploy all of them. This has an impact on our physical, political, and social environments. We’ve observed the shrink creep into our lives over the past few years. Since it starts slowly it can be challenging to notice the patterns which connect the many examples of environmental degradation with the unravelling of civil society. Episodes that don’t seem connected are in fact a systemised web cast to centralise control of society at multiple levels. When the main aim is achieved – the control of resources in the hands of the few – favours become easily traded, destructors become saviours, misleading information becomes rampant, and corruption becomes a norm.

  • Feministisk Europa

    Tonight in Copenhagen I will be talking from a young green and trans queer perspective about Feminism in Europe! What are your thoughts? What would make Europe a Feminist place? Thank you to MEP Kira Marie Peter-Hansen for the invitation. Feministisk Europa?! – Udsolgt

  • Sven Giegold

    Tonight we met with MEP Sven Giegold and discussed the rule of law in Malta, corruption, impunity and conflicts of interest, the environment, and current constraints on political and non-governmental organising in Malta.

  • Jokes on a bridge.

    Jokes on a bridge.

    Happy, beautiful moments to cherish from Breakfast on a Bridge – Kisra Ħobż Flimkien this morning. A 5-year-old kid wanted to tell me some jokes, but was laughing too hard to tell them to me. So I thought I would tell him one, the only one I could think of… “What happens if you cross […]

  • Beach Cleanups

    So many people in Malta care for our environment, our beaches, our seas, and our future. Taking time out of their days to clean up our beaches, to raise awareness, to meet with members of parliament, and to demand change from politicians that will actually have a positive impact. People like CaMi and many volunteers […]

  • EGP Council in Berlin

    22nd November This weekend I will be one of Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party‘s delegates at the European Greens Party (EGP) Council in Berlin. A lot will be happening this weekend, from the EGP choosing their leading candidates to the launch of EGP’s campaign plan for the elections! Follow the event on https://twitter.com/hashtag/egp29 and […]

  • Alternattiva Demokratika – Kandidati Parlament Ewropew 2019

    Alternattiva Demokratika – Kandidati Parlament Ewropew 2019

    L-Eżekuttiv ta’ Alternattiva Demokratika approva tliet kandidati għall-elezzjoni tal-Parlament Ewropew ta’ Mejju 2019.