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  • Has the discussion on LGBTQI Rights in Malta already plateaued?

    Has the discussion on LGBTQI Rights in Malta already plateaued?

    In this blog I analyse the current discussions on LGBTQI issues in Malta, as experienced at the IDAHOT 2022 business breakfast organised by the Parliamentary Secretary for Equality and Reforms on May 17th 2022.

  • 2022 Campaign Expenses

    how much does an electoral campaign cost? Besides monetary costs, shouldn’t we also be calculating environmental costs, volunteer hours, and the cost of emotional labour?

  • Feministisk Europa

    Tonight in Copenhagen I will be talking from a young green and trans queer perspective about Feminism in Europe! What are your thoughts? What would make Europe a Feminist place? Thank you to MEP Kira Marie Peter-Hansen for the invitation. Feministisk Europa?! – Udsolgt

  • Barriers

    Barriers, barriers, barriers. Keeping us out, keeping them in.

  • Beach Cleanups

    So many people in Malta care for our environment, our beaches, our seas, and our future. Taking time out of their days to clean up our beaches, to raise awareness, to meet with members of parliament, and to demand change from politicians that will actually have a positive impact. People like CaMi and many volunteers […]

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