Jokes on a bridge.

Mina stands next to their bike, while they talk to a kid who has a gray hoody on with the hood up.

Happy, beautiful moments to cherish from Breakfast on a Bridge – Kisra Ħobż Flimkien this morning.

A 5-year-old kid wanted to tell me some jokes, but was laughing too hard to tell them to me. So I thought I would tell him one, the only one I could think of…

“What happens if you cross a sheep and a trampoline?”


Me: “Oh. No. Just a Wooly Jumper. Your answer is better.”

Then he asks – “When you grow up to be 5 METRES TALL!! Will you go faster on your bike?”

“Yes of course, if I was 5 metres tall I would go very fast. But would need a bigger bike.”


Then an 8-year-old asked me “what school do you go to?” – “I don’t go to school anymore.” – “why, how old are you?” – “27” – “oh. Your jacket looks like my tracksuit!”


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