ADPD Press: Mina Jack Tolu elected to the European Greens Committee

5th June 2022, Latvia

Mina Jack Tolu, ADPD International Secretary, has been elected as a member of the European Green Party (EGP) Committee this morning.

Tolu said, “I thank the European Green family for their trust and electing me to the EGP committee. I look forward to working with my new colleagues for a Green, progressive future. With particular focus in this mandate on our common campaign for the European Parliament elections in 2024.”

Carmel Cacopardo, ADPD Chairperson congratulated Mina Jack Tolu on their election.” This result ensures that a strong Maltese Green voice is present at the European level.”

Mina Jack Tolu is a LGBTQI activist and international secretary for ADPD – The Green Party. They are the former co-spokesperson (2019-2021) of the Federation of Young European Greens – the official, independent youth wing of the the EGP. Mina Jack contested the European Parliament 2019 elections and last March’s General Election with the Maltese Greens.

Mina Jack Tolu and Mark Zerafa (Deputy Secretary General) represented ADPD – The Green Party at the 35th Council of the European Green Party in Riga.

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