ADPD Press: A strong case towards strengthening animal rights and against spring hunting

March 21st, 2022

In a press conference on Monday morning in Marsaskala, ADPD called attention to the party’s clear position on animal rights and against trapping and spring hunting.

Mina Tolu, ADPD candidate on districts 9 & 10, commented that there is still some way to go in addressing the protection and welfare of animals in Malta. In her latest annual report the Commissioner for Animal Welfare reported on the considerable amount of cases she encounters regularly concerning cruelty to animals. Her persistence in addressing this is making a great difference.  Allocating more resources and acting promptly on the recommendations made would greatly increase the effectiveness of the office.

In the past year in particular the public has been alerted to gross dog breeding malpractices and animal cruelty. It is necessary that breeders are more strictly regulated, this is an area that should not be left uncontrolled. Those who have pending cases in court should not be allowed to continue breeding.

Finally, Tolu underlined other measures being proposed by the Office of the Commissioner for Animal Welfare – neutering of strays and microchipping of cats should be implemented with urgency.

Carmel Cacopardo, ADPD chairperson and candidate on districts 4 & 9, reiterated ADPD’s position against spring hunting. He said, “The opening of the spring hunting season in April is a big mistake, turtle doves, a vulnerable species, should be the focus of conservation and not being hunted right before they breed. There is no such thing as sustainable spring hunting.”

“Additionally, as in the past, a spring hunting season will act as a smokescreen for the illegal killing of birds. In February, BirdLife Malta stated that of the 794 illegally shot protected birds in the past eight years – 76% were shot in the last four years alone. These birds are being shot for taxidermy purposes. It is clear that the Government favours to hunters and trappers above anything and anyone else, letting them dominate our countryside. Like the PL, PN is not far behind in favouring the hunting lobby, and pandering for their votes in the last weeks before the election. This is unacceptable.”

“ADPD stands four square with environmental NGOs in Malta, including BirdLife, on this issue. We highlight their call for Malta to fulfil international obligations for bird protection, for bird laws and policies to fall under ERA, and for the establishment of new areas for nature conservation and no hunting zones. If Birdlife proceeds with a call for a fresh referendum against spring hunting, ADPD will fully support such a call,” concluded Cacopardo.

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