ADPD Press: Signing the Children’s Manifesto

March 8th 2022

“It is society’s duty to enable children to voice their concerns”.

ADPD – The Green Party Chairperson and candidate Carmel Cacopardo emphasised this when together with Mario Mallia, Deputy Chairperson and candidate, they welcomed the invitation by the Foundation for Children’s Rights and signed the Children’s Manifesto on behalf of the party today. They were accompanied by candidates Mina Tolu, Sandra Gauci and Dr Melissa Bagley.

Cacopardo stated that it was a privilege to participate in this initiative where children where its active proponents. This should remind us that politics main mission is to serve those who are the most vulnerable and the least given attention in society.

“This manifesto is very important not just because of the issues it raises but also thanks to the process that created it. The collective thrust for the common good found in this manifesto is a source of inspiration. Likewise the freedom of thought and creative ideas that can lead us to hope for a better world. We are also reminded of the need of an inclusive way of doing politics where no one is left behind.”

Cacopardo continued that children remind us of the need that policies need to go beyond convenient short term outlook but should be concerned more of the benefits for future generations. Children have a right for a better world than what we have found, concluded Cacopardo.

On behalf of ADPD he thanked the Foundation for Children’s Rights and the University of Malta’s Faculty for Social Wellbeing that enabled the children’s voice to be heard in society.

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