Reaction to PN proposal

CW: mention of fatphobic policies

I have learnt to have no expectations of PN (and hold similar reservations for PL on quite a few issues) so I am obviously not surprised that yet another one of their proposals flunks my values.

PN’s proposal for a yearly assessment of dietary goals as a “bid to fight obesity” is utter garbage. In my view it shows PN’s further slide to the far right, their intolerance (or is it disgust?) to non-conforming bodies – be they fat and/or queer and/or migrant and/or disabled – disguised as concern for children.

But on a more tangible level, the proposal of a “strategy to fight obesity” is misguided in and of itself and will always be doomed to fail – while causing increased fatphobia and stigma of fatness. Because being fat (and I use the word with a lot of intent) does not equate with health. I don’t think the strategy should exist – but unfortunately it does and has for a while. So a proper assessment of it needs to be made – that includes active participation of the citizens most impacted, i.e. fat people, and when it comes to its implementation in schools – children.

And then we should also focus on strategies for national health and wellbeing that are accessible (from consultation to implementation to the usage of) to everyone, regardless of whether they are thin or fat, young or old. Including, off the top of my head, access to green spaces and coastal areas and ensuring safety on the roads for pedestrians and cyclists.

And for more policies that centre our health and wellbeing as a society – of course there’s always ADPD.

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