Dwar Mina

Mina Tolu, attivista LGBTQI, favur id-drittijiet taż-żgħażagħ u n-nisa f’Malta u fuq livell internazzjonali tul dawn l-aħħar 8 snin. Mina temmen li l-politiċi ekologisti jaħdmu verament għal ekonomija li tirrispetta lin-nies, għal kwalita’ ta’ ħajja aħjar u għal dinja ahjar. Temmen li l-politika m’ghandhiex tibqa’ ostaġġ ta’ interessi kbar u tal-korporazzjonijiet multinazzjonali. Mina gradwat fil-komunikazzjoni.

About Mina

Mina Tolu is a 27-year-old LGBTQI, activist who has contributed to campaigns for LGBTQI, women, and youth rights for the past 8 years in Malta and internationally. Mina believes that only by electing green politicians can we ensure a future in which our economy, our quality of life, and our planet will no longer be held hostage by big corporations that put profit before people.

In 2010, Mina was one of the founding members of We Are, LGBTQI Youth and Student Organisation at the University of Malta. Mina was the Communications Officer of We Are from 2010 – 2013, and the President of the organisation in 2014. At the end of their term at We Are, Mina joined the executive board of IGLYO (The International LGBTQI Youth and Student Organisaton) from 2014-2015 as Communications Officer and later, Co-Chair.

While at University, Mina was very active on campus, elected as one of the student representatives for the faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences, and running as a candidate for the student council elections together with the student organisation PULSE.

After completing studies in communications at the University of Malta in 2014, Mina joined BirdLife Malta as campaign coordinator for the referendum campaign on banning spring hunting, which was held in April 2015.

Mina lived in Berlin from August 2015 till the end of 2018. Where they worked on communications and campaigns at Transgender Europe (TGEU), an organisation which works for the equality of all trans people in Europe.

In January 2018, Mina was selected as one of 300 young activists from around the world to take part in the Women Deliver Young Leaders Program.